Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Here is the sketch of my latest project, or at least half of it. I have about this much inked in of the other half. I ran out of good ink brushes, so now I'm working on sketching anther scenario while I wait for the brushes. The other scenario that I'm working on is Ancient China. I'm pretty excited about that one. About this image though, don't try looking for Timmy yet. He's actually in the other half. But you can try to spot the "hiding" dodo birds. Its really hard to find these, isn't it? Not!


Mike Laughead said...

You are AWESOME! This stuff is great. Is it your own book, or are you doing the illustrations for someone else?

Brandon said...

Nice Lance! looks like a sweeet job. I hope things are going well for you. When did you move to Oregon? Keep in touch.


Lance Fry said...

Do people actually come back to blogs to see responses? Oh well...

This "book" idea I have is of my own creation. I'm not currently employed by any means at the moment. I'm actually chillin' at my folks place building a better portfolio.

To Mike: You're the awesome one! Love the t-shirt work your doing.

Brandon: You're freakin awesome too! Nice book cover work. I saw the cover you did for "Fablehaven" in the bookstore the other day. My friend was impressed that I went to school with such a person.