Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Secret Project Revealed!

So, the book covers that I have been working on are close to being printed so I have permission to post one of the covers.

This is the cover for the first in the Third Grade Detectives series of books. They're short reads and intended, I think, for first graders. Not a bad read as far as first grade material goes. I'm only redoing the covers of the books and the inside illustrations stay the same (drawn by a different illustrator, not me). The publishing company I've been working with is Simon & Schuster, and working with them has been great! They're kind, understanding and polite. It's been a great opportunity working with them and I'm glad I can finally share this piece (though I finished this cover a year or so ago).


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trekking Along a Year Later

So I've decided that this story of the goblins in the snow will merely be a drawing and inking exercise for me since I obviously don't have enough time and desire to get these out in any timely fashion. A year. It has taken me a year to post a second page to the story. At this rate, I should easily have ten pages by the time I'm 40. What a goal!

Enjoy the drawings (I know I did. I inked these initially quite a while ago, and when I came back to finish the last square I was actually pleased with most of the inking).