Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blue Shirts and Foreign Countries

I won't comment much on this comic.  I think its best left without any explanation on why I did it, partly because I forgot myself why I did it.  So I officially changed the japanese character's name to Toshiro instead of Jo.  I only had Jo because sometimes in school us lazy Americans won't put forth the effort to learn a foreign name like Toshiro.  Instead we would replace their official name with something easier to pronounce like Steve, or Joe or David.  I once had a friend in college who's name was Wey Yung.  When I first met Wey Yung and asked him his name he promptly replied, "my name is Steve."  I could tell right away he was not American and he definitely didn't not look like a Steve.  Come to find out the school decided to call him Steve because they thought Wey Yung (pronounced "way young") was too hard to say.
   On another note I leave for Croatia/Slovenia in a little over a day.  Croatia is where I served my mission many many years ago.  Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures so this trip I will be sure to take several pictures.  It should be a great trip!  I'm looking forward to it with much anticipation!