Monday, March 24, 2008

On the Horizon

A lot has happened this past month.  I've moved to Utah, found a job and bought an iPhone.  I'm not sure which one is cooler.  The iPhone is pretty kicking.  For all the tech geeks out there that have a hankering to see the newest in cool gadgets just go down to AT&T and check out they're interactive hands on demo versions of the iPhone.  If playing on the demo version isn't enough, then just buy the real deal like I did.  Apparently the iPhone is a status symbol for the wealthy (which I'm not so I've confused quite a few people).  I've also done some pretty cool illustrations in my free time, but since they're not in print yet I can't post them just yet.  So like always I'll just post a comic (which I hope everyone "gets") to fill in the gap between now and the next illustration post.  Peace out (and Happy 50th Anniversary to the peace symbol)!