Saturday, January 19, 2013

Goblin in the Snow: Inked

To continue showing my process, here is the sketch from my previous post, now inked.  This inked drawing is a little different though from what I normally do.  Traditionally, I use brush and ink to ink my drawings.  I love using brush and ink, but it can be very time consuming, not to mention it uses up ink and wears on your brushes overtime.  I've never been a fan of inking digitally, especially when comics artists I use to admire go digital and then their lines look mechanical and lose a lot of character.  I think I did alright for my first try.  I used the program, Manga Studio Debut 4, which supposedly was known for its sensitivity in inking.  For anyone interested in inking digitally, I highly recommend this program.  I got it only for a trial period, but will for sure buy it now.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sketchy Goblin in the Snow

It's obvious that my comic posts will be more like twice a year.  At any rate, I'm anxious to post something new so here is the next section of the comic story, in pencil, and with no speech bubbles.  I do like to make up my own sound effect text sometimes.  This comic isn't so much of me being a nerd and writing a story of fantasy, but rather a medium in which I can practice drawing and inking while hopefully telling a fun story.  More to come, sooner than later.