Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Card for the Marcums

This holiday season was a busy one for me with lots of traveling, visits and excursions.  I didn't have nor make the time to do my own Christmas card this year but I was lucky enough to help in creating a Christmas card for someone else.  My long time friend from college, Julia Marcum, and her husband Chris Marcum wanted to do something fun and less traditional for a Christmas card.  They wanted a caricature of themselves and their darling daughter Greta to grace the front of their Christmas card.  At first, time wasn't on my side and I tried to tell Julia that I wouldn't have time for this, but she informed me they would just find another illustrator.  I didn't want them to get a crappy Christmas card so I decided to do it myself after all and I'm very glad I did.  Julia says the card was a hit with her family and friends and I must say I'm very pleased with the results myself.

Read Julia's take on the Christmas card on her own popular blog,  Great blog if you like art, family or interior decorating.