Friday, July 1, 2011

Long time no write

I think it's obvious to everyone that I'm not an avid blog updater. Sure, I could have posted lots of things in the past 6 months, but with Facebook taking up most of that energy, this blog doesn't get much attention.

This here is something I did for the Friend magazine earlier in the spring. Fun article, semi-fun illustrations. This one here is actually a combination of two illustrations that I thought would go well together as one. Want the whole story? Go buy your copy of the Friend in LDS bookstores.

Hopefully I can be posting more interesting things more often in the future. Thanks guys!

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Julia said...

This picture totally reminded me of when I was little, I was sooo excited my mom picked up a bag of donut holes at the grocery store, I BEGGED her to let me hold them until we got to the check out. I was completely preoccupied and just kept holding those donuts all the way to the car--we didn't pay for them. When she noticed I was still holding them, she told me I had to go bring them back and with 4 other siblings she wasn't going to bring us all back in there so we had to get them "next time." I bawled my eyes out all the way home.