Saturday, November 5, 2011

Praying with Friends

This is another illustration I did for Friend magazine this year. I believe it was for September or October. It was a fun assignment as you can see. I typically enjoy drawing peoples eyes, but since this article was about praying all the kids had to have their eyes closed. I still think it turned out pretty good. I've also been busy in my free time illustrating 4 book covers for a young kids book series. Once they get printed, I'll be able to post a few as examples. Hopefully they print sometime before spring, if not sooner.


Tiff said...

Everytime my Friend show up in the mail I hurry and open it up and look at every page to see if any of the pictures are yours!!

Julia said...

Awesome job, Lance! Can't wait to see what book covers you'll be illustrating--we'll definitely add them to Greta's collection.

Jessica said...

Lance! You are awesome! I know you dont remember me, but I was roomates with zan, jessica, michelle, karla etc in birchwood. Anyway, I remember seeing your work as well in the scroll and Ive always been a fan! Congrats on being published and I hope your success grows even more :)