Saturday, January 19, 2013

Goblin in the Snow: Inked

To continue showing my process, here is the sketch from my previous post, now inked.  This inked drawing is a little different though from what I normally do.  Traditionally, I use brush and ink to ink my drawings.  I love using brush and ink, but it can be very time consuming, not to mention it uses up ink and wears on your brushes overtime.  I've never been a fan of inking digitally, especially when comics artists I use to admire go digital and then their lines look mechanical and lose a lot of character.  I think I did alright for my first try.  I used the program, Manga Studio Debut 4, which supposedly was known for its sensitivity in inking.  For anyone interested in inking digitally, I highly recommend this program.  I got it only for a trial period, but will for sure buy it now.


Mike Laughead said...

Your digital inking is just as great as your analog. Have you thought of working as an inker for comics?

Lance Fry said...

Not for any big name comic books, no. I prefer to ink my own stuff, but if I did ink someone else's stuff it would have to be similar in style or content. Thanks for the praise though.