Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Secret Project Revealed!

So, the book covers that I have been working on are close to being printed so I have permission to post one of the covers.

This is the cover for the first in the Third Grade Detectives series of books. They're short reads and intended, I think, for first graders. Not a bad read as far as first grade material goes. I'm only redoing the covers of the books and the inside illustrations stay the same (drawn by a different illustrator, not me). The publishing company I've been working with is Simon & Schuster, and working with them has been great! They're kind, understanding and polite. It's been a great opportunity working with them and I'm glad I can finally share this piece (though I finished this cover a year or so ago).



Julia said...

That's awesome Lance!

Bear said...

Awesome! Remember that one conversation where you poo pooed being an illustrator for children's books?
I'm so confused.
You did a fabulous job. Although I'm not surprised. You've got talent!

Tiff said...

EXCITING!! Great job, too!

Unknown said...

You have some great skill there, Lance! Great job.