Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Progress and More Color

Well I received some positive feedback from the last comic I posted so I thought I would make better use of my free time and continue working on this story while I have the time and the desire. The third page was split in half, so here is only half of page 3 (plus it reads better when blogger enlarges it). I wanted this much to be in color so you could get an idea of the colors I had in mind for the goblins and what the sword would look like as well. I doubt I'll do all future pages in color, but for now you can enjoy the possibilities. Hopefully, I'll be posting the other half of this page soon. Just a heads up, the main characters of my intended story are not these goblins. They're merely setting the stage for what's ahead.


Mike Laughead said...

Awesome, great colors, good humor. This is great!

Lance Fry said...

Mike Laughead, my biggest fan. :-)

Chris Loves Julia said...

I'll fight Mike for spot as your biggest fan (jokes. jokes.) Love this! I can definitely see the time and attention to little details (in word and illustration) that went into this. Can't wait to see more!